суббота, 13 сентября 2008 г.

ROBOXchange.com partnership program

There are several variants of possible partnership। You can choose one of them depending on your aims:1। I`m a website owner। I want to earn money driving traffic and offering additional services to my clients.
2। I`m the owner of internet shop and would like to get all of e-currencies for my goods/services.
.3। I want to use service for making payments to my partners.
4। I`d like to organize my own business in a sphere of e-currencies and Internet payments. I know that this process needs at list expenditures connected with programming.
5। I`m the owner of a big web-portal. I`m interested in earning money on traffic and Internet payments both. But I don`t want my clients to be redirected to your website.
6। I couldn`t find suitable variant for me.